Commercial Encapsulation

Although steam cleaning is the preferred method of maintaining carpet, at times we may recommend a low moisture carpet cleaning option called encapsulation, which requires little to no dry time. This method of cleaning is ideal for commercial customers with long business hours, and for areas of light soil.

But what is Encapsulation Cleaning?

Low moisture carpet cleaning starts with a polymer based cleanser called an “encapsulant” that is misted onto the carpet. A counter rotating brush machine is then used to work the cleanser into the entire carpet yarn. The unique chemistry of this cleanser allows it to seek out dirt held within the carpet fibers. The molecules of the encapsulant surround the dirt molecules, “encapsulating” them, breaking them free from the carpet fibers. As the encapsulant dries, it crystallizes into a solid state, allowing it to be vacuumed away.

Encapsulation is also a good option for in between steam cleanings, giving your carpets a mid-year sprucing to keep them looking their best.

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