Scotchgard Protection

The average carpet is replaced every 12 years, even though it begins to show signs of poor care within only 5 years. The industry refers to this as “Uglying Out vs. Wearing Out.”

This condition typically hits high traffic areas first, causing them to look dull and dirty.

Today’s lighter carpets need professional care to keep them looking great until they truly wear out.

What is Stain Resistant Carpet?

When your carpet was constructed, the fibers were first dipped into a dye that gave them their color. After the color dye was completed, the fibers were then dipped a second time in a special clear dye designed to fill any open areas of the fiber that the color dye didn’t quite penetrate. That colorless dye is what makes your carpet Stain Resistant.  Just before your carpet leaves the carpet mill, it is treated with a final layer of protector like Scotchgard – your carpets’ final line of defense. The only problem with this final protector is that over time it begins to wear away. Luckily, we can reapply Scotchgard protector after maintenance cleanings for less than you would think!

What is Scotchgard Protection?

  • Scotchgard protects against both oil- and water-based stains.
  • It allows you to blot away spills before they become stains.
  • It helps stains release more easily when carpet and upholstery are professionally cleaned.
  • It can prolong the duration between professional cleanings.

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